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The World's First Organic Stick Candy

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You may have heard of us before. We've been making classic stick candy and drops since 1927!! Well, we decided it was time to bring a little innovation into the old fashioned candy world. We know you all care about your health, and want to know that what you eat is made with only the best ingredients! We do too! That's why we launched our new Gilliam Organics line. Our delicious sticks are made with only natural and organic ingredients such as fruit extracts and vegetable oil! We even use things like beetroot for the color. Can you say yummy! And "healthy"! healthy as candy can get ;)
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The All The New Gilliam Organic Lollysticks!

Excited About Our Organic Lollysticks? They're Just The Start!

Lollysticks are only the beginning for Gilliam Organics! Keep an eye here on our new website and on our Facebook page for updates on new products soon! Can you say organic drops?

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